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Yoga American Style
Paperback 978-0-936663-46-3: $14.00
By Prem Prakash

Pages 108
Trim Size 6x9

This book is not about another special type of yoga, which seems to be multiplying across the country, but the actual essence of what yoga is. Written with Americans in mind, it explains the philosophy and psychology of the deep spiritual path of true, ancient yoga.


Alida Winternheimer, Himalayan Path, Volume 9, Number 2, Spring 2009

. . . In Yoga American Style, Prem Prakash emphasizes what he sees as the psycho-social ills of our Western society: hurry, worry, fear, and self-doubt. . .
The title . . . is perfectly suited to this collection of essays. Prem Prakash is, after all, an American yogi. He reminded me that yoga is an eminently practical path. The guru does not expect the aspirant to disengage from her worldly concerns or neglect her duties in society. Just the opposite, the guru encourages the aspirant to engage fully. What changes are not the externals of our world, but the internals of our self, how we perceive and react to this life that we create. Prem Prakash instructs us with humor and intelligence, often sharing his own experiences. He presents, in short essays punctuated by levity, issues that concern us all, like karma, practice, relationships, beliefs, fear. Each essay calls us to accountability and action while reminding us that we are not alone: we have the satsang, community, of our fellow passengers, and the guru who knows the way is conducting us. Despite the assurance that the guru is present and helping, a recurring message is that only the aspirant can do the work necessary to advance on the path. Prem Prakash says, “We can choose to take responsibility for our situation, have the humility to ask for guidance, and then go about doing the work necessary to become free.” His essays are a wonderful addition to the resources available to the aspirant who seeks guidance, especially suited to us American yogis.