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Walking with a Himalayan Master
Justin O'Brien, Ph.D.
(Swami Jaidev Bharati)
Hardcover  978-0-936663-36-4: $24.95
Paperback 978-0-936663-37-1: $19.95

This is the American Autobiography of a Yogi. The superb, exciting, powerful story of one man's struggle and joy in following one of the greatest Himalayan Yogis of the century. "A remarkable new autobiography, not to be missed!" - Rite of Passage. More...

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Superconscious Meditation
Justin O'Brien, Ph.D.
(Swami Jaidev Bharati)
Paperback 978-0-936663-42-5 $15.95
Do you want to meditate but don't quite know how? This book is made for you! It is written with a simple, direct, yet enthralling elegance that discloses the heart of the matter with such aplomb and down-to-earth practicality that the reader wants to get right down and practice the reality: Superconscious Meditation. If ever there was a guide that takes itself seriously, this is it. These lean chapters clear the field of mental clutter and grandiose verbosity and leave only room for the reader's actual adventure into meditation. 

Wellness award

The Wellness Tree
Justin O'Brien, Ph.D.
(Swami Jaidev Bharati)
Paperback 978-0-936663-25-8: $19.95
From the self-care expert who teaches wellness to doctors, comes the handbook of optimal wellness. Dr. Justin O'Brien, who has taught wellness for twenty-five years, wrote the first edition of this breakthrough primer in 1990. This is the new third edition which continues to help readers change their lives. Rich in ancient tradition and current mind research, The Wellness Tree challenges you to transform ordinary health and ensuing decline into powerful possibilities for rejuvenation and awakened consciousness. More...

Strong and Fearless
Phil Nuernberger, Ph.D.
Paperback 978-0-936663-34-0: $15.95
Stress is not a necessary part of life says Dr. Phil Nuernberger! Stress, he tells us, arises when we let fear and self-doubt control our thoughts and actions. He then shows us how to take charge of the powers of our mind, addresses the roots of our fears, and offers real, workable solutions to the epidemic of stress in the world today. More...

The Living Goddess
Linda Johnsen
Paperback 978-0-936663-28-9: $14.95
New Paperback! This beautiful book takes us to India today and show us a Goddess who flourishes in temples, festivals, and in the hearts of millions. Johnsen penetrates the heart of the tradition to reveal that it offers not only an honoring of fertility and feminine values, but an amazing revelation of the limitless potentials of human consciousness. More...

Three Paths of Devotion
Prem Prakash
Paperback 978-0-936663-27-2: $14.95
A wonderful, heartfelt, unique treasure for all who wish to love! The primary forms of divinity: God, Goddess, and Guru are presented in three yogic scriptures. Translations and commentaries on each scriptural verse clarify the philosophy of yoga and open your heart to the divine. More...

Wellness award

Sold Out - Universal Yoga
Prem Prakash
Prem Prakash has chosen the beloved Bhagavad Gita and transformed its significant value for the third millennium. In these pages he explains the mythical power of the story and portrays the practical power of the dialog between Lord Krishna and the warrior Arjuna. This narrative is universal yoga, the everlasting cosmic story of ourselves. 

Yoga American Style
Prem Prakash
Paperback 978-0-936663-46-3 $14.00
This book is not about another special type of yoga, which seems to be multiplying across the country, but the actual essence of what yoga is. Written with Americans in mind, it explains the philosophy and psychology of the deep spiritual path of true, ancient yoga.  More... 

A Thousand Suns
Linda Johnsen
Hardcover 978-0-936663-35-7: $22.95
What if you had a map of your future? The ancient sages of India created just such maps to help us find our way through the unknown terrain ahead. A Thousand Suns introduces you to this yoga science of Vedic Astrology. Discover how your Vedic birth chart encapsulates your personality, experiences, and spiritual potential. Learn the mechanics of karma, and the practices that deflect bad karma and generate a much more positive future.  More...

Kirtan: Chanting as a Spiritual Path

Chanting as a Spiritual Path
Linda Johnsen and Maggie Jacobus
Paperback 978-0-936663-43-2: $15.95
Kirtan has recently arrived in the West, carried by brilliant singers and musicians, creating a new musical movement that’s turned yogic chanting into a cultural phenomenon. This book interviews eight of America’s top Kirtan singers: Krishna Das, Deva Premal, Bhagavan Das, Snatam Kaur, Ragani, Jai Uttal, David Stringer, Wah.  More...

Running and Breathing
Justin O'Brien, Ph.D.
(Swami Jaidev Bharati)
Paperback 978-0-936663-29-6: $16.95
Inspired by the yogis of the Himalayas, who run fifty miles a day up and down mountainous terrain, O'Brien was intrigued to find out how they could sustain arduous endeavors while remaining tireless. So, he experimented with the breathing and yoga techniques he learned from Swami Rama, an extraordinary Himalayan master, applied them to his conventional running training and gradually assimilated them into an exciting new method. More...

Daughters of the Goddess
Linda Johnsen
Paperback 978-0-936663-09-8: $13.95
A search for the feminine face of God in India. A fascinating look at the great women saints who manifest the divine. Sri Ma, Anandamayi Ma, Anandi Ma, Gurumayi, Ma Yoga Shakti, and Ammachi. More...

The Divine Mosaic
Theresa King
Paperback 978-0-936663-10-4: $15.95 In this remarkable collection of essays, 24 women from many different spiritual traditions look into the face of God and tell us what they see. Their images of the Sacred Other in prose and poetry form a mosaic that challenges old assumptions and brings the divine fully into the lives of women today.

A Meeting of Mystic Paths
Justin O'Brien, Ph.D.
(Swami Jaidev Bharati)
Paperback 978-0-936663-14-2: $16.95
This thought-provoking book takes an incisive look at the merits and dialog, contrasts and convergences, practices and beliefs between the two spirituality that have guided humankind for centuries. A rich understanding of the nature of Jesus and the meaning of higher consciousness. More...

SOLD OUT - The Yogi
Gopala Krishna
A charming look at Swami Vishnu, "The Flying Swami" who came to the West and took it by storm teaching, writing and spreading his message of universal love.

Opening to Dying and Grieving
Ron Valle and Mary Mohs
Paperback 978-0-936663-40-1: $18.95
This book is not about the why or the what of death and grief. It is about the how — how to be with and use the pain of loss in order to gain a deeper understanding of what lies beyond this realm of reality. Insightful and encouraging, this book poses as a guide for everyone who has encountered death firsthand. More...

The Warrior Sage: Life as Spirit

The Warrior Sage
Life as Spirit

Phil Nuernberger, Ph.D.
Paperback 978-0-936663-45-6 $19.95
Dr. Phil Nuernberger carefully examines the conventional theories, revered dogmas, and cultural formats regarding the human potential that are held in high regard by scientists, religionists, the business realm, and the public. Leaving no major paradigm unexamined, he illustrates the inadequacy of our cultural biases that have held society in its throes and provoked the social conditions that face us today. Then he offers a new idea.

Smile Across Your Heart: The Process of Building Self Love

Smile Across Your Heart
The Process of Building Self Love
Laurie Martin
Paperback 978-0-936663-44-9 $18.95
This book explores the full spectrum of living life consciously from the inside out. It includes how to be spiritual in the business world, helpful practices and exercises, personal stories and clients’ experiences, highlights of the spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of life, and learning how to connect to, trust, and listen to your heart. 

SOLD OUT - The Spiral Path
Theresa King

This treasure of diverse and visionary writings explores the sacredness of women's everyday lives. Twenty-two contemporary spiritual teachers—including Irina Tweedie, Brooke Medicine Eagle, Swami Radha, Bernadette Roberts, and Mary Giles—probe aspects of their lives from sexuality, work, and cooking, to relationships, prayer, and mysticism.

The Laughing Swami
Swami Jaidev and Ma Devi, compilers and editors
Paperback 978-0-936663-39-5: $12.00
Swami Hari offers stories of his life in Tarkeshwar, his Gurudev, Swami Rama, and his experiences of America. Also, we receive Swami Hari's teachings on breathing, meditation, karma, mantra, and much more. Each chapter, a visit with Swami Hari, is like a hand opening to the reader, a gift set on its palm. This gift can only be the light of wisdom. More...

Circle of Mysteries
Christin Lore Weber, D. Min.
Paperback 978-0-936663-41-8: $18.95
A garland celebrating the divine feminine. An acknowledgement of the mysteries of every woman's life. Circle of mysteries is a compelling look at the centuries-old prayer of the Rosary with its new Mysteries of Light and an exquisite glimpse into the heart of Mary, mother of Jesus, who for women represents the power of life itself. 


SOLD OUT - The Light of Ten Thousand Suns
Swami Veda Bharati
This book of spiritual poetry and fine mystical prose is a rare gem of beauty, wisdom and delight. It brings us the truths of life and death, glory and insignificance, defeat and ecstasy - all in the light of the vast divine presence surrounding and within us all.

Soup for All Seasons
members of IHT

Spiral Bound 978-0-936663-49-4: $10.00

Soup is a savory treasure for the palate, a warm bowl of happiness on long winter nights, an extravagant treat in the crisp fall, a simple delight in zippy spring, and a cooling refreshment during summer's heat.

SOLD OUT - Subtler than the Subtle
Swami Veda Bharati
Subtler than the Subtle—Shvetashvatara Upanishad—is one of the sacred scriptures of the world, beautifully translated and paraphrased in this small volume by one of today's greatest Sanskrit scholars. Called "The Upanishad of the White Horse," it shares the wisdom of the yogic sages. Its subtle verses open life's deep secrets to those who wish to find divine realization and "become immortals."

SOLD OUT - Streams from the Sacred River
Mary Pinney Erickson and Betty Kling

SOLD OUT - Soulfire
Alla Renee Bozarth
This is a rare and wonderful gift of love. Poems of wonder and longing, loss and pain, desire and inestimable joy flow from the pen of a priest and psychotherapist who helps heal the rift between our religion and the erotic.

SOLD OUT - Mirrors for Men
Justin O'Brien
A journal for self-esteem and personal growth for yourself or the favorite man in your life. A noted authority in personal development shares his insights in creative daily entries to stretch your skills and reinforce your positive self-image.

SOLD OUT - Mirrors for Women
Cheryl Wall
Mirrors is a very special book. A heart, it is a process which just happens to be set between two covers. In this innovative journal, Cheryl Wall takes you on a tour of your inner self. She helps you compose meaningful affirmations and gives you pages for writing them down. She shows you how to use daily calendar entries to reinforce your self-appreciation, your spiritual practice, and your will.


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