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A Thousand Suns
Designing your Future with Vedic Astrology
Hardcover 978-0-936663-35-7: $22.95
By Linda Johnsen

USA Book News Award:
Multicultural Non-Fiction (finalist)

Midwest Book Awards:
Religion/Philosophy (merit)

What if you had a map of your future? The ancient sages of India created just such maps to help us find our way through the unknown terrain ahead. A Thousand Suns introduces you to this yoga science of Vedic Astrology. Discover how your Vedic birth chart encapsulates your personality, experiences, and spiritual potential. Learn the mechanics of karma, and the practices that deflect bad karma and generate a much more positive future.

“Probably the most readable and entertaining introduction to Vedic astrology yet available. If you are having trouble making sense of this profound but arcane system and want an easy way to get to the essence of Vedic Astrology and use it to improve your life on all levels, this is the book for you.” —Dr. David Frawley, Director, American Institute of Vedic Studies, Astrology of the Seers, Yoga and Ayurveda

“Linda Johnsen takes the reader on an engaging journey that embraces Vedic Astrology’s implications and applications for all times and all people.” —Hart deFouw, Vedic Vidya Institute; author of Light on Life

“Shines like a gem in the growing field of Jyotish .... Destined to be a classic in the field of Vedic Astrology.” —Dennis M. Harness, Ph.D., President, American College of Vedic Astrology

“... hard to find information about India’s amazing ancient history and its formidable teachers and sages who are the source of Vedic Astrology. Teaches ... magical techniques.” —Martha Betz, The Betz Ephemeris